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Overland Industries offers a 10% discount on all labor and materials to all active military and veterans disabled during during their service to our country, we do this because we appreciate their service and their sacrific.


The cost of a standard fixed stock AK kit build using your supplied demilled kit and 922r parts is $350.00 .

Sidefolder or underfolder demilled kit build using your supplied demilled kit and 922r parts is $400.00.

"Virgin" kit builds with you supplying the "virgin" kit and 922r parts is $550.00,

We also perform "professionally grade" Saiga conversions, back half is $200.00, and front half is $150.00 (labor only, you supply the parts). Saiga conversion do not include a full refinish as described below, just touch up of areas worked on.

Please note, your rifle will be built by one person, that will be built my self, Gary Robertson. Simply put, I have over 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing high technology DOD programs along with 2 engineering degrees and 3 business degrees, 2 of which are advaced degrees. This education and experience by no way is saying I am smart however, I have obtained a tremendeous amount of knowledge that I use in all of my builds.

As a result of this we will be limiting the number of projects we accept and many will be answered  simply as "No Bid", this will allow us to service a smaller customer base with a higher quality level, much quicker turnaround times, and to pursue a number of development projects that I have choosen to accept. Thank you for considering us.

See new statement down below regarding California, New York State, Hawaii, Alaska, and Connecticut.

You send us the demilled kit,  along with the correct registered receiver, and the required 922r parts and we perform the build with the correct metric swelled neck rivets ( C106 steel) from www.ak-builder.com along with the assembly and disassemble tooling from www.ak-builder.com.

The kit build includes:


You are also responsible to make sure the firearm is legal at your local and state level, it will already be compliant at the federal level when shipped.

Romanian "G" kits; Unless directed otherwise we remove the orange "G" from the front trunion. Also, if requested we can remove the forward pistol grip from the lower front handguard and reshape it to a standard flat bottom as most AK are so equipped originally, both modifications at  no additional cost.

Turn around time is determined when the kit is ready to ship to us, usually it will run  6-8 weeks from the day we receive the full kit until shipment. We cannot provide an exact turnaround time since their are 33,000 variations depending on the type of build and the choices of options. Once the specifics of the build is determined a closer estimate of cost and turnaround time can be established. However, due to the high quality standards we build these kit to and the unusual demand at this time, this turn around time is an estimate.

Return shipping (not included) by ground usually runs $30.00 and is additional to the build price, we provide the shipping container, hardshell shipping cases are available for an additional $25.00  (our cost). We only ship to the address it was sent from per federal law.

Feel free to supply the shippping container and shipping label from the shipper of your choice  for the return and the shipping charge is waived.

Receiver conversions from fixed stock to underfolder are $30.00 additional, from fixed stock to sidefolder $100.00 additional.

Side rails installation is $40.00 plus the cost of the rail.

Full payment is required upon delivery of the kit to Overland Industries. We accept cashiers checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. When sending in your kit, please use the FFL address below.

FFL Address:

If needed, we stock as a convenience to our customers the following U.S. manufactured parts:

Note: All parts listed above are U.S.A. manufactured.

We also build kits that are New York State (not New York City) and Connecticut state compliant at no extra charge (deleted bayonet lug and brake muzzle welded).

 We have been working with members of www.calguns.net. 2nd Amendment Forum and now offer at no extra charge, AK kit builds to California. These kit builds will comply with the State of California and California Department of Justice; requirements/laws/SenateBills/Acts/Penal Codes/rulings from the "Harrott vs Kings County"court case/etc, including the; Roberti-Roos AW Control Act of 1989, senate bill 23, Penal Code 12276.1, and CCR11/5469. We are already registered in the CFLC (California Firearm License Check) Program, on line, as a FFL licensed dealer, selling outside of California.

Overland Industries is a BATF licensed (07) Manufacturer, Dealer, and Gunsmith and works in cooperation with all Law Enforcement Agencies including Local, State, and Federal levels.